NyurguҺunnar (Snowdrops) NyurguҺunnar (Snowdrops)


release year: 2013
genre: romance, art-house
duration: 52 minutes

screenplay by Sergei Potapov
director Sergei Potapov
director of photography Semen Amanatov
composer Nikolay Mikheev
producer Marianna Skrybykina

starring Gennady Turantaev, Kirsan Vasiliev

Gosha works as a security guard in the local history museum of a small town. He lives with his paralyzed mother, they have a difficult, gradually deteriorating relationship. Somehow Gosha meets Emil, a cheerful boy from a rich family. He helps Gosha to resolve the issues with his mother and to understand the value and the beauty of life. Emil has one last dream – to see the snowdrop flowers in the winter. It seems that if that happens, he can be healed. Gosha decides to fulfill the dream of a dying friend.

  • Best Cinematography, regional festival “Kinoproryv”, 2013
  • Best Director, VII Cheboksary International Film Festival (Cheboksary), 2014
  • Best Actor, VII Cheboksary International Film Festival (Cheboksary), 2014