My murdererMy murderer


release year: 2016
genre: thriller, detective
duration: 142 minutes

screenplay by Svetlanna Taiko, Maria Nakhodkina, Konstantin Danilov
director Costas Marsan
director of photography Iskander Ivanov
composer Nikolay Mikheev
producer Marianna Skrybykina

starring Vyacheslav Laverov, Galina Tikhonova

A young detective is investigating the murder of a girl. Soon, he finds a suspect, who confesses to the crime. It seems justice was served and the case was closed. But soon, the operative notices oddities and inconsistencies in the investigation. Despite the disapproval of his superiors, the main character decides to find out more about the crime. The chain of events leads him to a settlement of gold miners, where he reveals new secrets about the dead girl…

  • Participant of the non-competitive program “New Russian cinema” XXXVIII Moscow international film festival, Moscow, Russia 2016
  • Grand-Prix in the nomination “Best film” at the IV Yakut international film festival, Yakutsk, 2016
  • Best actress Galina Tikhonova IV Yakut international film festival, Yakutsk, 2016
  • Participant of the competition program “II-Asian World Film Festival”, Los Angeles USA 2016
  • Best Director Costas Marsan XV international film festival “Spirit of Fire” Khanty Mansiysk, 2017
  • Best actor Vyacheslav Lavrenov XV international film festival “Spirit of Fire” Khanty Mansiysk, 2017
  • Best actor Vyacheslav Lavrenov VIII online film festival “DOUBLE DV@” 2017
  • Special jury prize of the XIX international festival of detective films, Moscow, 2017
  • Participant of the contest program in the festival of Russian films “Sputnik over Poland”, Warsaw, 2017



119180, Moscow, 3rd Golutvinsky pereulok, 10,
bld. 6, office 55 (near metro station Polyanka)


about our company
Finished filming Eyes o fthe night

Specialists from “Tonwagen” (St. Petersburg), “Bogdan and Brigada” (Moscow) were involved in the shooting process. The filming took place in the village Tit-Ary in Khangalassky region of republic Sakha (Yakutia), and in the UNESCO World Heritage site “Lena Pillars Nature Park”.

Eyes of the night. Actors approved

Starring actors of the Yakut theaters: Borislav Stepanov, Matrena Kornilova, Ilya Yakovlev, Dmitry Mikhailov, Sasha Andreev and Marina Vasilieva (Moscow) got approved for the film Eyes of the night.

22 December took place the solemn closing of the year of cinema in the city of Yakutsk.

Организаторы мероприятия: Управление культуры и духовного развития администрации г.Якутска и кинотеатр «Центральный».

The beginning of a new movie

Started work on the creation of a script for a new film, its genre is a mystical thriller/horror, working title is “Eyes of the night”. The story has a group of writers: Oleg Bogatov, Pavel Poluichik, Artem Zolotarev.

The triumph of the film “Art Doydu’s” at IV YIFF


20 августа, в рамках  IV Якутского международного кинофестиваля, в конференц-зале гостиницы «Полярная звезда» прошёл Первый якутский питчинг кинопроектов.